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Our All New 10 mil Mylar® Comic Gards™ Are Here!

As most of you know Mylar® is the only material used to protect any type of paper collectibles. According to the US Library of Congress, the most preferred material for preserving valuable documents is uncoated archival quality polyester film, such as Mylar® type D. or equivalent material Melinex® 516.

Mylar® is an exceptionally strong transparent film that is resistant to moisture, pollutants, oils, and acids. It contains no volatile chemicals, which will migrate to the surface of the paper and cause damage. With a life expectancy of hundreds of years, Mylar® will outlast most other plastics.

In addition, along with the brilliance and clarity of Mylar® which enhances the appearance of any paper collectible, it is an effective barrier against acidity which is the primary cause of paper deterioration.

For years we at Bill Cole Enterprises have been manufacturing Mylar® sleeves in 1,2,and 4-mil thick material. Now after more than six months of testing we now bring you an all new high quality 10 mil Mylar® sleeve that surpasses anything that we or anyone else has ever done! We have been manufacturing Mylar® sleeves longer than any of our competitors and our testing has shown that this new product may even eliminate the need for backing boards, a big savings in itself.

For over 35 years we have been manufacturing and distributing Archival supplies to customers like the Library of Congress, The National Archives along with schools and museums around the globe. If they use our products then why don’t you?

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Mylar® is a registered trademark of DuPont Teijin films.
Their brands of archival quality polyester films are Mylar® type D and Melinex® 516 of which they are exclusive manufacturers.